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Register for a shift - We need you!


Early voting starts August 8 and runs through August 20. We are looking for coverage for all 9 locations where early voting will be hosted. We have morning shifts (9am - 2pm) and afternoon shifts (2pm-7pm) available at each location.

To volunteer for a shift, one must attend training. The next in-person training will be held August 4 at the Hart Memorial Library at 211 E. Dakin St, Kissimmee from 6-8pm. Please watch for training offered via zoom calls.

Are you already trained? Great, thanks!

Please be sure you follow these steps:

  1. Sign up at the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF). The site is:
  2. Next, bookmark the electronic reporting site on your internet browser. Visit this site: The electronic reporting site will be used when you are working a shift to report issues you may encounter.
  3. Register with YOURVOLUNTEERS. This is a site we are using to manage our pollwatchers. is the site do register.
  4. Once you register at YOURVOLUNTEERS, you can sign up for a shift. You will be able to do that at the same time that you register; but, if you need to go back to the site later, log in directly by going to this site:

There is a user guide available for using the YOURVOLUNTEERS site. Please write to if you do not receive it automatically after you are trained.